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Agelink is an Advocacy Agency providing help for older people and their families. We believe that Seniors deserve to be treated with Dignity and Respect and we strive to ensure all our clients receive the best care possible.

Why choose us?

Agelink is totally independent and receives no Commissions or Incentives from Service Providers.

Agelink knows the Aged Care Industry and is strategically placed to liase with Service Providers (both Private and Government funded). 

The Client is assured of impartial information and help when engaging us.

Our Mission

We will endeavour to provide support to the older people in our community who require assistance to enjoy every day.
We believe all Australian citizens have the right to be informed about  Aged Care Services, about what is available, and how to access those services which will enable them continue to live the life they enjoy.  

Our Vision

Our vision is that the Aged Care System in Australia will become a ‘user friendly’ system. This would result in relieving the stress and anxiety of  consumers in trying to access suitable care services. It would also result in all consumers having a positive interaction with service providers

Annette McNee is a consultant with AgeLink Consulting
Annette was a practising pharmacist for over 40 years, having graduated from the University of Qld.
She became a fulltime carer in 2010 and believes the 4 years she spent in this role has given her the empathy and drive to help others.

This caring role provided her with the experience to understand the system.
Annette completed a degree in Business (Financial Planning) through RMIT in 2015.

She has a certificate in Case Management (CMSA).
She Is a member of the Australian Association of Gerontology
She is well qualified to provide you with the solutions for your Aged Care needs

Agelink's Specialized Aged Care Services

Agelink is unique in the Aged Care Industry in the way that it focuses on the whole person.

Agelink will be guided through the journey by you, the client,and other health professionals involved in your care.

Home Care

There are many choices of providers. Agelink will focus on your needs to put the right services in place. Agelink can be present at the assessment if that is your choice. The advantage is that all necessary services can be discussed. Many of our clients have not realized that there are all sorts of services which could help in improving their quality of life. Agelink can be with you while you interview Service Providers, giving you a list of questions to ask.  Lastly, Agelink will follow up to ensure that all services are in place and satisfactory.

Residential Care

We can help you to find the most suitable nursing home in the locality of your choice. We can negotiate with the facility and help you with all the documentation. This relieves of you of the unnecessary pressure at a very emotional time in your life.

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